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Monday, October 3, 2011

My house

I've wanted a beautiful day to take photos of the exterior of my home. Today was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to go for it. Here it is..........

It's not a mansion. Just a little cottage in the woods.

This is our driveway "pontoon". We want to get a real pontoon, but can't really afford one yet, so we've named our front yard deck as such. It's a great place to sun yourself!

The view of our backyard, looking down from the garage.

The back side of our house. It needs some serious TLC. I've tried to put a little flower garden off the porch, but nothing ever grows for me there....except chives. Next year we've decided we're putting in a cute little patio.

The other side of my house. BORING! Our plan right now is to wrap the deck around to the garage, and put a patio with a hot tub underneath. Hoping to do that next Spring or Summer.

Looking down the driveway from the garage. It's a little scary in the winter!

We have great neighbors. Our kids use this bridge to go to their house. We have a trail on the other side to the other neighbors. No worries of kids traveling on the road.

That's it for tonight. I know it's not fancy, but for now, we're happy here. :)

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