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Thursday, June 28, 2012

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night......

I hate, to go, and leave this pretty sight!  :) now you'll have that song in your head today! :)  I've been on summer break from my job for nearly a month now, and haven't been able to post, so I decided to say goodbye for a while.  I've said it before.....I just don't do it justice, and decided I really need to stay off the computer, and focus more on having fun with my kids.  We've been so busy between sports, doctor's appts., music lessons, and life in general, that I haven't had much downtime.  I plan to keep it open so I can stop back every now again and peek in at the other blogs I love to follow.  I'll still be on Pinterest and have come up with some fun boards, so stop over there when you get a chance!  I'm there as Angela Meyer(sandbarbungalow).  Honestly, I think Pinterest has taken over what I had intended my blog to be....The place to save great decorating and thrifting ideas, along with the occasional recipe.  I'll also be hanging around my etsy shop, where you can find vintage and vintage inspired goodies to deck out your summer cabin. :)

Anyhoo.............July and August plan to be full of good times with family and friends..........water parks with the kids, a road trip with my husband to the Upper Peninsula of W.I., a fishing trip to M.N., lots of water skiing on the weekends, and hopefully some good ole' chill time.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!!  And who knows when I might pop in again. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

If I could build a house.....

As I've stated before, I love where I live, but I really have the itch to build again.  I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for the latest home listings in our area, but nothing has had that wow factor for me, that would make me want to leave my home.  We know we'll most likely stay in this area until our kids graduate from high school, which will at least be another 12-13 years.  I was really close to saying goodbye to my blog, because I don't seem to give it justice, but this morning I decided I'm going to use it as a place to collect great home plans and building ideas. My excitement seems to be mounting, as I've found a great site showcasing the exact styles of homes I'm drawn to.  The sight is Connor Homes, and their logo is, "Building the New Old Home Since 1969".  That's exactly what I want.  The "new old" home.  I love the character of old homes, but having lived in one, and now living in a new home, I have to say I really do prefer the efficiency provided by our home. In my old house, the character was gorgeous.  Great wood floors, beautiful woodwork, pretty hardware......however I couldn't hang things on the walls, because you could hear the plaster falling behind them. And since it was from the late 1930's, it was cold and drafty in the winter, which led to outrageous utility bills.  We've tried to add character to our current home, and while it's cute, there are details I wish would have included when we built here.  So now I've decided to start saving my favorite ideas, in case that great piece of dream land would happen to pop up.
Today's feature that I'm completely in love with...................

The Charlotte Prindle House.....As stated in the description,  ".....A lovely Greek revival adaptation of The Augustine Parker House...." found in their catalog.

 I could totally see this house decked out with patriotic buntings and flags in honor of this Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy yours!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bowl Love

I'm SO tired tonight.  And what a great kind of tired it is.  Started my day with my mom at some local city wide garage sales, followed my a little shoe shopping, and ending at an awesome barn sale.  We both found lots of great treasures, but the thing I'm most in love with, is a bowl.
Isn't it pretty!!  A friend of mine, along with her mom, travel to various antique/thrift/flea market shows here in the Midwest, and she recently clued me in on their current sale with Little Prairie Girl.  My mom and I loved it.  Jenny and her Mom Becky have an awesome booth called Junk Revised, which is where I got my pretty robin's egg blue bowl.  I really adore it so much that I can't stop looking at it.  A little weird, but that's what floats my boat. :)  I was going to share pictures that I pulled from Junk Revised's facebook page, but my computer's acting up, so you'll have to check them out there for yourself.  And while you're on facebook, hit Little Prairie Girl's page.  She's got photos of all the great booths and vendors.  Since there was so much there to drool over, that I didn't feel like I totally was able to take in today, I'm going to head back there myself, and ooh and ahh some more!
Happy Saturday Night!! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Abry's Room

     I have two sons, ages 10 & 9.  All boy.....very much into sports, getting dirty, being stinky, and all things that go along with being a boy.  Then there's my 6 year old daughter Abry.  Or should I call her Princess Girly Girl.  She's a little bit like the boys, but mostly she's into pretty things.....pretty clothes, pretty hair, pretty room.
    She was home from school the other day with a bad cold, and since I had to be home with her, with nothing much to do, I decided we'd work on her room.  She's starting to like the things her momma likes......sea glass colors, beachy stuff, decor inspired by fun........all things that I think we pulled off in her room.
    It used to look like this....................
    Not much different than it is now, but I do have a story behind the mattresses sitting directly on the floor.  One rainy day, I decided to clean her room.  The before bed was a beautiful antique bed.  It consisted of an oak headboard and footboard, ornately pretty.  It was very special to me, as it had belonged to my grandparents,(They passed away when I was in high school.), and was a bed that I used as a child.  As gorgeous as it was, it was well over a hundred years old, and maybe not the best choice for a child's room.  Anyway, it was pushed against the wall so my daughter wouldn't fall out.  I decided to move it, to vacuum under it, and the whole thing promptly fell apart.  Needless to say, I was very sad, and actually sobbed.  I know it's strange, but I'm very sentimental to furniture, and when the bed fell apart, I felt like I lost another piece of my grandparents.  I did save all the pieces, in hopes that it can one day be saved.
   So, back to the present.  Here's what we came up with the other day.  And I can proudly say,  ALL of her furniture is still from my grandparents!
I pulled this twin bed out of storage and with the help of Krylon watermelon spray paint, I gave it a makeover.  When my grandparents were alive, they had a cute little cottage on the lake in my hometown.  It was a three bedroom home, and in one of the rooms, were two twin beds.  In between them was the little nightstand that sits next to the bed. I remember playing "school" in that room, and we used to use that little night stand as the teacher's desk. :)  After they passed, my cousin got one bed, and I got the other, along with the nightstand.  The beds were an orangey stained wood when we got them.  We both took them to college and ended up painting them.  Since the early nineties my bed sat in storage and was this not-so-lovely shade of hunter green.

    I had planned on painting it a turquoise color, but when I found the pink, I thought it would be cute with her beachy Pottery Barn comforter.

Okay, now refer to the above pic of her room............
    The tall dresser had come from their other guest room.  It was also a not so appealing stained piece which I painted with some Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay.  The little footstool is one of my greatest treasures.  My grandpa made it in his high school shop class, and the fun part is, he had written that on the bottom!  Love it!
  On the other side of the room is this great dresser and bench.  This belonged to my other grandparents as part of their bedroom set when they were first married.  I've had this since I was 5 years old.  That pretty lady has had many looks over the years.  It was stained, it was cream with a stencil on the side, it was burgundy, (that was awful!), it was white, it was black.....and now it's my favorite shade of turquoise.  I love that my daughter uses it the same way that I did as a child.

    The toy box was made for us by my grandpa when my son Logan was a baby, and he made me the doll cradle when I was a baby.  He's in a nursing home now, and I'm so glad that I have these things from him.
    And here are a few other things that finish the room..................
My primitive art work that my daughter proudly shows everyone!  (Her comment to her dad......."Get it Daddy?!  It's a starfish, not just a star!") :)
    A shelf salvaged from and old farmhouse my brother lived in while going to college.  Not exactly his style.  It proudly displays the cowboy boots Abry wore in preschool, along with the princess crown she loves to wear.
    This shelf once hung in my parents' kitchen.  I claimed it when they took it down and painted it white.  It's become naturally distressed over the years and now hangs above the toy box.
    This fishing buoy was one of many that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law sent me from Maine.  Fits in perfectly in Abry's room!

     Finally, what girl doesn't need a pair of sparkly sequined silver boots........

    And a sign to keep her brothers out!!

    It's become a fun little room, that makes me smile as I think of the memories that the furniture holds for me.  Maybe she'll look at it fondly someday, the way I do!

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Favorite Find

Hello! I wanted to sit down and post, since it's been so long again, but something weird is going on with my account. It's a strange set-up, and my wording seems to be going cuckoo, so I'll just write quick to say hello. Hoping to be on more this summer and share the projects I plan to work on. That pinterest sure has given me some great inspiration! Another site I'm having fun with this morning is My Favorite Find. Started by one of my favorite bloggers, Serena Thompson of the Farm Chicks, it allows you to share your favorite treasures. Here's the explanation from their "About" page...... "What is My Favorite Find? ...a virtual show-and-tell My Favorite Find lets you seek, find, and share great local Shoppes and Events such as antiques shows, vintage fairs, flea markets, car boot sales, yard sales, auctions, estate sales, crafts shows and more - anywhere in the world. Once you find what you love, you can share it all here, like a virtual show-and-tell. The world is full of beautiful Shoppes and Events. Our goal is to help you find them, and then celebrate what you found." I shared a few of my favorite finds,(my house is full of them, but I only had time to post three this morning), and I also listed my etsy shop, The Sandbar Bungalow. Just like Pinterest, it's a fun way to interact with people with similar passions. (Here's one of the things I listed. A pillow my mom helped me make from a vintage ticking pillow case, and scraps from a vintage chenille bedspread.)
If you haven't yet, check it out. It's so fun. (BTW....I really did have spaces between sentences and thoughts. This thing is going cuckoo, I tell you!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

Good Morning!
I haven't been around here for a while...........Those darn kids of mine keep me hoppin'! (Appropriate Easter pun. :)) Actually, getting ready to do some Easter shopping for the last minute. My husband and I were trying to decide what to get them, without going overboard. It is Easter.........not Christmas. At the moment, however, their attitudes leave a lot to be desired. That always makes it SO fun. You want to enjoy the holiday, and plan fun things for them, but they insist on being little crabby monsters! I'm trying to give them a break, as they were up much later than normal last night, and a little sleep deprived. Lucky excuse for them!
Anyway..........I was on Pinterest this morning,(of course), and found some cute little pins that I thought I'd share.

And most importantly.............

Have a very WONDERFUL and BLESSED Easter!