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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My bedroom

I'm back! Two posts in one night! Since I have the time, I thought I'd get some photos downloaded of my bedroom. Sorry for the poor picture quality.....Again. One of these days I really will take a photography class so people don't have to strain their eyes looking at my horrible photos!
Anyhoo.......I love Pottery Barn, (I think I've mentioned that before), and get lots of my decorating inspiration from them. My bedroom is still a work in progress. It's basically a room full of hand-me-down furniture that I've tried to make look presentable by tossing in a favorite Pottery Barn quilt.
This was my original inspiration room.......

And this is what I have so far.
The pillow shams were made (by my mom) from an old chenille bedspread. I stitched the letter "M" on the small pillow, and asked my mom to put it together with the small red pom pom trim. I don't sew. Any sewing project done in my home, is courtesy of my mother! The nightstand was an old microwave cabinet that was in my husband's apartment when we were dating. I'm sure it's probably from Walmart or Kmart. I took the ugly doors off, then painted it a more pleasing taupe color. Great place to hold my photo albums, and vintage quilts.
The red cabinet was given to me by some family friends. It had been in their garage and originally was cream colored with a blue top. The back sides of the doors are the original paint. I decided to paint it red after seeing the Pottery Barn pic. The vintage pastel quilt was also from them. I'm so lucky to have great friends who give me old things! :)
This dresser belonged to my grandparents. My mom refinished it years ago, and had given it to my brother. He liked it, but his design tastes are more modern, and it didn't quite fit their decor. I very happily took it when he offered it to me! The old mason jar was found at an antique fair. We're saving spare change in it for some future vacation!
This night stand was going to the trash after my husband's grandma sold all of her belongings to move from Iowa to Kansas City. I saw it's potential, gave it a fresh coat of paint, and have loved it ever since. I really could have pulled the dead leaves off the plant prior to taking the picture!
The old boat oars are some of my favorite items in my home. A friend of ours grandmother passed away, and since she lived on a farm full of great items, they had an auction. I was lucky enough to walk away with three boat oars! (The other one hangs above the window in my son's room.)

And, finally, I thought I'd throw in a couple pictures of my master bathroom. We recently reworked it adding tile flooring, which I didn't show, the vanity, medicine cabinets, and counter top. It's much better than it had been.

I had planned on showing some more items from Pottery Barn that I'd like to add to the room, but I've spent WAY too long here tonight, and still need to go over spelling words with my boys. We don't have school on Friday because of teacher in service, so the test is tomorrow! Over and out!

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