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Friday, September 16, 2011

one more note..........Why am I such a computer dumby?!

I just spent, wasted, thirty minutes trying to copy and paste a photo from the Junk Bonanza's site to my blog. Reason number one, why I should probably NOT have a blog. I've never taken any formal computer classes. Shows my age........ We just didn't use computers when I was going to school, the way they're used today. I mean, I actually sat in my dorm room and typed my papers on a TYPEWRITER!  I don't think those things even exist.  That does it.  It's time to take a class.  I can't stand not knowing how to do the simplest things any longer!  I can usually figure it out on my own......... but copy and paste?!  If I can't figure something out as simple as I KNOW that is, it's time to swallow my pride, and shell out a few dollars to have someone teach me.

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