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Friday, September 16, 2011

Junk Bonanza

I LOVE four day work weeks, which means I have a three day weekend! One of the perks of working as a teacher's associate! Why then did I not think to make plans to go to the JUNK BONANZA?! I'm missing out!

My brother and sister-in-law live just outside Minneapolis. Last year my daughter and I,and my parents, made the three hour trip, and we all went to the Junk Bonanza together. I LOVED it, but didn't feel like I really took my time to soak it all in. Mostly because of my 5-year old, who hasn't quite acquired my love of junk. Don't worry......I have faith in her.....she'll get it. I vowed that this year, we'd go without kids. Thought we could get a room at the Holiday Inn in Maple Grove, with the fun indoor water park. The guys could stay back and play with the kids, and the ADULT girls could walk through each booth at a sweet leisurely pace. There are SO many great vendors there. It's a great place to find new treasures, but also to see how to display the junk I already have! Boo Hoo. I wish I were there... :( Oh well...........I guess there's always next year!

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