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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 day workout challenge

I need to lose 8-10 lbs. As my sister-in-law said, after I made the comment while eating pizza and drinking beer, "Where have I heard that before?". I know I've said it a lot the past couple of years. For some reason it's just been really hard. My big problem is my inconsistent workout, due to my inconsistent schedule! (Or maybe that I'm a year away from turning 40, and my metabolism isn't what it used to be!) So, I'm doing a 30-day workout challenge. I read in one of my diet books, that you don't need to workout like you're training for a marathon. Just 20 minutes of vigorous exercise a day, plus some stretching and weight training. I do pride myself in cooking healthy meals for my family, and for the most part eat well. So, I'm trying this 20 minute thing. I'm on day three, and need to get off the computer and get it done before my family gets home. For some reason, 20 minutes of my walk/run program just seems more bearable, and less boring. The past couple nights, I've ended up doing 30 minutes or more, just because it felt good. I really don't want to do it tonight, but I have no excuse not too. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.............
Okay treadmill. I hear you calling...............

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