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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's for dinner?!

I love to cook. Probably because I love to eat. And I love collecting cookbooks. My favorites are by far my church cookbooks. I grew up going to a small country church in Nashua, IA. The dust would fly as we'd travel those gravel roads each Sunday morning. I have fond memories of Sunday morning sweets after church, Bible School meals, wedding showers, and chicken suppers. The ladies in that church knew how to cook for their farm families, and every so often, would incorporate what they loved into a little cookbook. When I need to take something for a social event, I often turn to that book.......which has seen better days. The pages are curling, they're crusted with dried flour,(The "Cookies and Bars" pages have gotten the most use!), and at some point, one of my kids decided to use it as a coloring book. Still, it's always close at hand!

Besides my church cookbooks, I also love books that exude that same old fashioned goodness. The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, and Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood, are two that I use often. Yesterday I was at our local library and was so excited to see they had The Pioneer Women Cooks. I've wanted to purchase it, but hadn't yet, so am thrilled that I can read it first. I STILL need to buy it. Such a neat woman, with down to earth values, and an exciting life. Hope to get my work done this morning, so I can sit on my screened porch this afternoon, with a glass of tea, and savor each page.

Sadly, my love of food has left me 10 pounds heavier,(for the last few years!), so I'm currently dieting! Blah! Back to my egg white in the whole wheat pita this morning. But as the saying goes, "Everything in Moderation".....I will allow myself an occasional indulgence from one of my favorite books!

This is my Grandma Vetter. Her recipe for Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies brings me back to my childhood on their wonderful family farm!

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