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Friday, August 5, 2011

For the love of etsy!

I love etsy. My brother introduced me to it, and I knew instantly, it was right up my alley. A few years ago, I talked my mom into renting a space with me at a local antiques and gift shop. We had a tiny wall space that we paid $40 a month for. On top of that fee, the owner got 13% of our sales. We completely filled that space with handmade items, and lots of thrift shop finds.

It was fun, and we loved the girls we worked with there, but after all the fees, we didn't exactly make much of a profit. We also had to fill our spot, according to the seasons, which meant I wasn't always selling the things I had a passion for. I was making things that would sell in that market. I love designing folk art pieces, signs with lake, cabin, or beach themes, and collecting things to sell that are cottage or farmhouse related. With etsy, I'm able to sell what I love, which means my heart is always into it. The selling fees are low, so I'm actually making a little money. Although, I'm not really in it for the money. It's more of a great hobby. And, the other talented artists I've discovered there are amazing. My favorites grow by the day! :)
Some examples of other wonderful shops include:
BarnOwlPrimitives, OldNewAgain, OldTimePickers, Indigotwin, ChickdeePrimitives.....
Just to name a few. To see more of my favorite shops and favorite items, check out my etsy shop. Just click on my link on the top of my blog page. :)

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