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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Morning with the real estate ads..............

Good Sunday Morning!! :)

My Sunday morning tradition lately, is waking up with a good cup of coffee, making my kids breakfast, then sitting down at the computer to check out the real estate options for my area. I really love my neighborhood, and my house is decent, but with my love of interior design, I'm just ready to start new. The problem is, I never seem to find anything that I'm in love with.
This is my home.............
It's a cute little cottage,(my landscaping obviously needs some sprucing!), and I'm happy here until something better comes along. Right now the only options seem to be ranch style fixer uppers, and lots of split foyers. My dream homes, of course via my pinterest boards, are more along these lines............

Common theme seems to be a front porch! What we'll probably end up doing is building, but then finding the perfect lot is another story. For now, I need to be patient, and enjoy my little neck of the woods. And until then, I'll keep on looking!

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