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Friday, March 9, 2012


What a day............ What I thought was productive and fun, turned into a bit of a bummer, all because I picked the wrong paint color. :( Our lower level bathroom has been partially unfinished for about three years now. The walls were done, and I had painted colors that I thought would be awesome, but now that we're finally ready to finish that room, I changed my mind. Originally I was going to for a navy, white, and dark wood theme, that would kind of mimic the gorgeous boats that I've seen in my Coastal Living magazines. I had painted the ceiling a deep navy blue, and the walls white. With the thoughts of possibly putting my house on the market, I decided I should go with something safer. My super painter mom came down and helped me today. She painted the ceiling three coats of a color called Marshmallow from Sherwin Williams, while I was at the dentist with my son. I'm SO appreciative!! Then we painted the walls a color called Sanddollar. The walls in the family room are painted Beach House Tan, so I thought that color would be a nice compliment. As we began, I commented that the color looked a little peachy to me, but I thought once it dried, I'd be happier with it. No such luck. Then to make matters worse, my husband came home and said it looked peachy-pinky. (His exact words.) So right now, I'm bummed at the fact that I spent $50 on a gallon of paint that I don't really like. We have a marble counter top that is a beige with some dark brown speckling and it just doesn't really look nice with the current wall color. I did happen to have almost a whole gallon of Portabello from Sherwin Williams that I had used in my main level great room, and as much as I didn't want to put the same color downstairs, I think it's actually going to look really nice in there. Luckily for me, my mom is very patient and understanding, and offered to come down and help me repaint.
And speaking of paint, I've also been wondering how hard it would be to paint exterior brick. I was supposed to look at a home on Monday, (Just had a message from my realtor saying we couldn't get in for another week....another bummer.), but it's brick that I'm not sure I'm super fond of. I can't wait to see the inside, because I've seen the woman who owns the home. Her outfits are always super cute and so well accessorized, that I imagine her home is the same. Anyway, I'm wondering if I love the interior, if we can paint the exterior brick to match my tastes. I went to google to see what I could find on the matter, and happened upon this great home in Atlanta. I love the exterior and the interior, so wanted to save it here.

The colors are similar to my wall colors. I wish I had the gorgeous paneling to go along with them! If we end up staying in this home for awhile, I think it's a must do!


  1. You sure know how to choose a beautiful home! This Atlanta house has everything a house buyer would want. The interior has the elements of a historical home with its window, panels and paint. I adore the furniture and the chandelier.

    Petia Vernon

  2. Hi Petia, :)
    I love looking,(more like drooling), over pretty homes. I actually found this one on a blog called Pretty Old Houses. You'll have to check it out!

  3. I'm just like you when I want to get some inspirations. I look for pictures in magazines and the internet. Well, the house looks fantastic. For me, it's more like a dream vacation house wherein you can sit back, relax, and enjoy. The front porch is inviting; it makes you feel interested to come over and see what's inside. But the interior's the winner. It's stunning! I hope you were able to gather some ideas after seeing these photos.

    Davis Cassinelli