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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm not dieting...................

I hate dieting. And I hate talking about it. I love to cook, I love to bake, and I LOVE to eat. I try very hard to make healthy meals and snacks for my family, but I continue to be frustrated at that extra 10 lbs that I've been carrying around since my daughter was born. (She's six!) So, after careful consideration, I decided to join Weight Watchers online. I have to say, it's all thanks to Pinterest. (I know I mention that site a lot, but it's just so fun!) I have a board with pictures of yummy meal ideas, and I noticed a lot of the pins were Weight Watchers recipes. I decided to join to get the recipes, as they look like things I would love to try anyway, and maybe I can fool myself into believing it's not really a diet. If you're eating what you like, you don't feel deprived......right? We'll see. I signed up yesterday, and am starting today. I figure if I talk about it every now and then, it will keep me accountable. We'll see how that goes too. :)
On my way out, here are a few pics of some tasty looking treats from Weight Watchers!

Yum, right?!

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