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Monday, January 2, 2012

Taking down the Christmas tree............

It's the last day of Christmas break. Our company has gone, my husband and kids are at the gym, and I'm home alone putting away my Christmas decor. A little bittersweet. I always feel like the holidays fly by before I really get to sit and enjoy the little Christmas atmosphere I've created in my home. At the same time, I'm ready for a fresh start, and little order around here. Before I put things away until next year, I had to share my exciting thrift shop find. While shopping at a local Goodwill store for retirement party gag gifts, I decided to check out the clearance Christmas items. I'm always on the hunt for great vintage holiday finds, so I could barely contain myself when I saw these shiny gems on a top shelf!
And look how much I paid for them!!!
(That's $3.00, not $300.00! :) )
The cashier said she actually pulled them out of the dumpster that morning. Someone had tossed them out, and she knew she had to rescue them! I felt like I'd won a little piece of the lottery! I showed them to my parents a couple days later, and my dad said they reminded him of the ornaments on his grandparents' trees. I love that. I only wish I would have found them before Christmas instead of after, but they'll be something to squeal over next year when I unpack all my vintage pretties. :)
This is kind of a funny shot. You can see the reflection of my camera zooming in on my shiny baubles. I'm such an amateur! :)

Okay....enough chit chat. I need to get busy before my family gets home. I'm actually hoping to have a little time on Pinterest. I need some new decorating inspiration to start off the new year! :)

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