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Friday, November 4, 2011

I won!! I won!!!

I'm SO excited tonight! I found out today that I won a $100 gift certificate to Cottage Coastal Store, via The House of Turquoise blog!
(Seahorse plaques from the Cottage Coastal Store)
(Featured room on House of Turquoise. Check it out! It's a beauty!)

I love that store, and I love Erin's blog. Obviously, you can tell by the photos I collect, that I'm a fellow lover of the color turquoise. It's just so pretty and peaceful. When I first moved into my home, I had painted one of my bathrooms, a pretty shade of turquoise, but since I live on a wooded lot, I decided it didn't really "go" with the rest of my decor, and repainted it. At the time, I had more greens and reds. The past few years, I've decided to get back to my love of sea glass colors and coastal decor, so have been slowly but surely incorporating it back in. I think it's because I know someday, I will have a home or cabin on the water! (Dreeeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream!) How lucky I am then, to have won this great giveaway! Hope you find a fun surprise in your near future!

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