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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

I'm back from vacation! Actually, I got back on Tuesday, but have been too wiped out the past couple nights to do much of anything. What an awesome way to spend a Thanksgiving! Running around in tank tops and flips flops, sure beats the chilly weather we normally deal with here in Iowa. Although now that I'm home, I'm in Christmas mode, and wouldn't be sad to see that snow start flying.

Speaking of that, I've got my husband on a mission. He's going to bring home our very own Elf on the Shelf tonight.

I had wanted to start it last year, but didn't really know much about it until mid December. I figured at that point, it was kind of silly. Since today's the 1st of December, I thought it would be a great night to start it. My nieces and nephews in Florida have their own elf, and talked about it while we were there. I love the magic of Christmas, and with my kids reaching the age where they question whether or not Santa exists, I wanted to bring that magical feeling home to them. I didn't really know the whole story behind it though, so had to look it up before my husband gets home. How cool that there's a whole website devoted to it!

We're going to set it out tonight, and let the kids discover it. :) I'm super excited. Almost as excited to know that it's the beginning of the 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family channel. I love this time of year!

Now I'm off to work on my window boxes before I lose all day light. I lay pine branches in them, then deck them with silver and red glittered Christmas bulbs. I'm hoping for a very Pottery Barn-ish look.

Have a great night!

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